On Location - Annie | October 28th, 2016

For On Location, we had two hours to do a shoot with pumpkins. When you don't really like Halloween too much, this could have been a bummer. However, I put a twist on it. 

I had Annie (who is such an amazing sweetheart for doing this) put the "guts" of the pumpkin in her mouth, like she was throwing them up. Like a spooky Halloween hangover, but not that crazy. 

I shot these in the studio. I used one soft box. I wanted the light on her to be a little more darker on her, since it is Halloween themed. I'm glad with how the final images turned out. The light hits her face well while still keeping it somewhat natural, and it also focuses on the "guts" well which is very important. 

Super side note about Halloween, Relient K released a Halloween EP this week. Love it.