Portraits | On Location Final

Finals, am I right? 

I'm working on a set for my On Location final, and let me tell you, I'm really into it and I'm going to keep working on it after the semester ends (which is next week, wow)

For this set, I'm taking portraits of people I've known for years, and of people I've known for a few months. The goal is for the viewer to look at these images and think I share year long connections with all the people in the images. It's going very well, and since I'm taking photos of people I haven't got the chance to know too well yet, I get to build connections with them. 

I have one more shoot for this final on Tuesday, and I'll post those then, but for now, enjoy these. 

(I want to have a really cool title for this series, so that's something else I'm going to work on after the semester ends.)