Savor. A Scented Show

As apart of my senior year, I reached out to Erek Nass (a teacher at CCAD) about a project I wanted to do as an independent study. It had to do with scent and photography, and turned into the most amazing thing I've done in college / with my art. 

We spent the semester picking images, pairing scents, and finding a way to control the scents.

My favorite thing about this project (besides the smells and the act of smelling) - I got to explore the research and note keeping side of a project. I loved being able to fill a notebook with ideas, successes and failures. 

After getting the images picked and the scents locked down, Erek and I made frames, and let me tell you - I can use a table saw really well. This was such a cool process and skill to learn. I can't even to begin to explain how helpful this is going to be later on in my career. I'm grateful. 

This independent study became a reality when senior photo majors didn't have to do a thesis. I wanted to spend my last semester working on a body of work that reflects me, as an artist. Erek helped me reach out and get a gallery space on campus to show my body of work, which we titled Savor. 

Let me tell you, it's the most beautiful, amazing smelling body of work I have ever created or laid my eyes on. I have never been so proud of happy with a class, or work, ever. The frames on the wall look so clean, and the smells aren't trying to compete with each other. The curtains have this fairy tale feel, with familiar scents that take the viewer back to a summer camping trip. I'm always going to be so shocked that my show turned into what it did. After having to rewrite my artist statement 10 times, I was worried that it was a sign that this wasn't going to work out, but how wrong I was. 

Every time I walk into the gallery, it's like I'm seeing my show and my work for the first time. It's such a beautiful thing to experience. I think this means I must have done something super right with this one, and I honestly wouldn't have been able to do this without Erek. I'm beyond grateful and thankful.